Un Attimo


Quality of our products

Un Attimo‘s primary target is the continuous improvement of the intrinsic and the perceived quality of its products and its service.

In this view, the company has started a route of deep structural, and management renewal, which found its concretization in 2014 by volunteering subscribing 2 of the most well known quality certifications all over the world: in particular we have applied for and successfully obtained IFS LOGISTICS for certification and the BRC GLOBAL STORAGE AND DISTRIBUITION certification, and in 2016 we also gained the ORGANIC certification. The value of these certifications is worldwide recognized as important to state the reliability of a company and they are therefore assumptions to work in Big Distribution Chains in Europe.

The severe controls on the hygienic characteristics along the production process, the choice of modern and high level technologies and the keep selection of raw material represent the operations instruments to the achievement of this targets.


Brc Global Storage and Distribution

Ifs Logistics


In addition to the “intrinsic quality” of the products, we care about the perceived quality. A pleasant sensation is the result of the constant work of our Research and Development department which, operating in cooperation with the best Scientific Research Institutes, such as University, day by day studies the best way to improve our recipes, to adapt them to the new needs of the most keen and most demanding consumers, to renew recipes to be constantly up to date with new trends.

Quality Departments: qualita@sangesassociati.it


Research & Development and Quality Departments are available in case of questions for all consumers at the following FREE NUMBER from Monday to Friday, from 9am to 5pm.


Why are your products less expensive than others of the same category? Is it possible to compare them with other products form leaders of the marked I already know?

The certification programs of BRC / IFS and ORGANIC requires a deep selection and control of all the phases of the process to be able to achieve the best price on the market. The price is reduced in comparison with the leaders because we are able to optimize all steps including our margins, renouncing to wide communication on the product and focusing on “word of mouth” of our consumers satisfied by our proposal.

Additives I read on the labels are harmful for my health?

We here talk about additive extremely controlled by the Health Authorities which define the purity criteria. Each single additive has a specific role in the product to allow to keep quality and the hygiene during the storage. The usage of these additives is permitted within certain law limits.

Where are Un Attimo products manufactured?

Un Attimo has direct control of several production sites distributed in Europe and in Italy. Depending on the production capacity and on the logistic necessities, throughout a process of standardization of our recipes, we guarantee the same quality from whichever production site.